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나에게도 짝은 있는가. 파란만장 로맨스 다이어리

<Welcome to Marriage Information Company> Is real marriage possible? [17]

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  • The man I met on a blind date showed vulgar behavior, including spewing out lewd and obscene jokes, and I eventually left the room cafe.
  • Enraged by my blind date's behavior, I informed the matching team leader about it, and the team leader protested to the manager in charge, blocking all contact with my blind date.
  • Because of this incident, my friends made fun of me, saying, "You need to wash your ears," and I don't think I'll ever forget this bewildering blind date experience.

The world is wide and there are many people

A company employee who mistook me for someone else and talked to me as a different woman for over 30 minutes.

A lawyer in his mid-40s who emphasized that his heart was strong because he ran every day.

A social worker who criticized the low-income people in his area.

An insurance agent who boasted about eating expensive meals and swiping his company credit card, enjoying a sauna during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A government official who proudly boasted about being a salary thief, wasting the taxes I paid.

They say the world is wide and there are many people. I was surprised to see how many different kinds of people there are.

The COVID-19 situation worsened, and if we wanted to meet in the evening on weekdays, we had to take out our drinks and take a walk outside.

One day.

It wasn't the person I was looking for, but I got an introduction saying that the male manager asked for a meeting for just once.

Kind, affectionate, and good-natured.

The manager in charge said, "He's a handsome guy in real life, he has a good heart,

and he's the type of good man who would be very good to his wife and children if he got married," so I agreed to meet him casually.

We arrived at the appointment place at about the same time and greeted each other.

No... team leader. You said he was a handsome and cool guy?

That's a foul.

He wasn't a nice guy, he was just a 40-year-old uncle who had a huge belly and didn't manage himself.

Still, thinking, "There must be something hidden behind his appearance," I went into the cafe with him.

Is this the usual place?

It was ominous to have a blind date in a room cafe concept where you have to draw the curtains and use the room.

But in the beginning, relatively ordinary questions about "hobbies" and "work" were exchanged.


"Are you the type who cares about compatibility?"


I asked back reflexively, wondering if I had heard wrong.

"No, I see documentaries and stuff like that, and after marriage, couples' lives decrease and lead to sexless relationships."

"Ah... yes.."

"I think compatibility is important."

This bastard is really crazy.

I started to be conscious of other tables outside the curtain, afraid that someone would hear.

"They say they go on dates at motels these days because of Corona. Hehehe."

Oh, God. Why do you give me this ordeal?

"How long have you been dating your boyfriend?"

"What did you mainly do?"

"I've done a lot of online meetings and hunting bars, but this is actually my first real blind date.

I asked for a thin, kind, and innocent woman, but have you met many other people?"

"Do you like closed rooms in cafes or open spaces?"

The lecherous mouth fighter was constantly spitting out indecent talk,

I was thinking whether I should pour water on his face and get up, and I endured with superhuman patience.

I finally left.

I thought that if I didn't tell him this accurately, he would definitely make sexually harassing remarks to other women.

"Team leader, this level of manager's comment is a scam."

The matching team leader was shocked to see my long and lengthy complaint text,

He was furious and summoned the manager in charge to protest, yelling at him.

"Block that guy's calls, texts, and chats right now!

The manager in charge said he didn't know that he would say such things and apologized profusely."

My friends also screamed when they heard the story.

"Hey! Wash your ears quickly! King Yeongjo also washed his ears whenever he heard something bad."

Welcome to Marriage Information Company

나에게도 짝은 있는가. 파란만장 로맨스 다이어리
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